Add abort trigger field for programs

Fernando Prodoin 5 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 5 years ago 4

It'd be very useful to have the chance of setting abort triggers for programs, as there are stop triggers in timers.

Thank you very much!!

Did you try the abord command tab ?

You can also use the "if" - "exit" command.


Hi, Fabien!

I thought the Abort Commands where the actions to run when I use the function Abort() of the program. For example, I have a program:

Trigger, motion detector of the low floor is true

Commands, turn on a light, delay of 5 minutes, and turn on another light

Abort Command, turn off both lights

When I run the abort Command? I have to make a new Program:

Trigger: motion detector of the first floor is true

Commands: Abort the other program

It has not much sense, but it's just an example of my point. If we'd have an "Abort Trigger" field (different to the curret Trigger field), it'd be like:

Trigger, motion detector is true

Commands, turn on a light, delay of 5 minutes, and turn on another light

Abort Trigger: a shutter totally raised up

Abort Command, turn off both lights

I hope I explained well my point, I'm not sure if I can do it with the "if" - "exit" command, because is not the same trigger (is not the same motion detector). I can put both as the trigger and use "if", of course, but this way I don't have to be writting conditions, just a trigger to run and a trigger to abort.

Best regards, and happy new year!!

Hi Fernando,

My understanding here is that you are not loking to abort your program, but change some device status based on other inputs. Abort  will not "reset" back the status of the devices.

In your exemple, you "just" need to complete your program and add additional command to swith off both lights as soon as the upper floor motion device is true.

The second exemple; you would have an abort command which is a shutter raised up, then the lights would not even come on (as you abord the program in this specific condition). This can be added in the same program as the first exemple one.

You can also play with "if", but in some cases it will make your program more complex to write...

Hope this help,

Hi, Fabien,

Ok, I understood, I'll try the way you showed me. Thank you for your help!

Best regards!