alexa configuration

Jérôme Carannante Carannante 6 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated 6 years ago 2


I have question about the configuration of Alexa in french .

I managed to control a light knx (on / off, variation) but for the doors or roller shutter, I can't get the controls are always "on" and "off" and not "open" or "close".
however, I put in "Alexa Display category" the value "DOOR" instead of "LIGHT". The link knx is made on the property "Power Reference" is this correct?
Do you have documentation on the configuration and associated commands?

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Comfortclick does not have any documentation for that.

You can find documentation on Amazon for every controller.

You may want to use Lock Reference for doors. Lock reference uses LockController:


Here you can see which languages are supported and what can it do.