Percentage value of ligths not changing, always at 0%.

Miha Smrajec 6 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 6 years ago 1

All of the dimmer lights stay at 0% so I can not use a boolean as a toggle switch (ON/OFF). The ligths work but I am using a led dimmable light that does not support dimming from the switch (if I gradually increase it to any value below 100% it blinks) and instead uses a remote. I would like to set a boolean value and control it from the client/echo device.


Are you using KNX dimmers? Do they support LED lights? Older dimmers that were not prepared for LEDs, do have strange behavior, like led blinking etc.

So, when you say you have dimmable led but you cannot dim them on the push buttons, it doesn't make much sense, as every KNX dimmer allows on off and dimming (4 bit) on the buttons.

What kind of LEDs do you have? Direct LED lamps, or with an external driver?

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