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Use RCP to change time events on a Schedule task

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 6 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 6 years ago 5


Let's say I have a Schedule task for a certain object.

Is it possible to set the Time events for that Schedule task using RPC?

The use case for now is not important, I'm just trying to develop an idea with bOS + Tasker (Android).

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Sorry, I mean RPC in the post subject... :-)

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if you are asking to to create time events using Tasker via bOS RPC service, then unfortunate it's not possible.

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Yes, I was planning to try an idea with bOS and Tasker. Kind of, when changing my clock alarm on my phone, it could update my shutter timer of the bedroom also.

Ok, thanks. Sometimes I think that I'm asking too much :-D

I'm sorry, but I have to push bOS to the limits :-)

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Of course, good to see these kind of ideas and implementations into bOS.

Current user scale goes like this:

Beginner<Familiar<Proficient<Expert<Master<Ricardo Pinto :D

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Ahahah... well thanks for considering me on top of the user scale.

I hope to have the chance to keep pushing bOS forward.

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