​​Is there anyway to re-scale the background image?

Haya Altuwaijri 6 years ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated 6 years ago 2

Is there anyway to re-scale the background image? My plan is to add a logo as background image, and I want it to be on the top-right side



I don't think so...

You only get "Strech", "Cover" and "Contain" options for background image.

But, if your point is to use a logo in the top-right side, maybe you can play with the frames, bottom and top menus, etc, to be able to make a frame where you can place your logo on the top-right side.

If your logo is square, you can play with normal frames, let's say 3 equal columns, the last one is your logo (so it will appear on the right-side)

If it's not a square, you will have to play with a frame, keep orientation "Horizontal", activate "Bottom menu" on the frame, and give it a size so it can increase or decrease. Then you can try to place your logo, and choose "Strech", "Cover" and "Contain", depending on what fits better.

If you are aware of how the frames would look like with the containing logo, I can try to help to build a frame for you.

Best regards