d-link camera

Guillem Morey 7 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated 7 years ago 1

I have a D-Link camera DCS-930L, I know is a lame camera, but I'm not able connect to the camera, I'm using this link http://admin:admin@ with VLC client and works, with Chrome too works and with FireFox too.

BOS Config always set to false Online and Streaming vars.

Any idea?.

Camera config




Video Size:640:480

JPEG source:--

Refresh time:1000 (default)

Mode:Direct (I have tried all modes)


MJPEG Source: mjpeg.cgi (tried winth slash before name)

MPEG Source:-- (too tried with video.cgi

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Big sorry, I didn't understand correctelly how to config.

It works perfect.