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graph not plotting

Kresimir Marusic 7 years ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated by ComfortClick Support 7 years ago 4

I have analog data loggers which records temeperatures in each room. 

I use that data to plot graphs. For some time now graphs simple wont plot any more in bOS Client (It was working before)

All data is normally logged (I see all new logs in bOS config in each Data logger, but graphs just won't show in bOS client.  

Under review


when did this issue occur? Did you update to the latest version? You can try re-adding the logger into your theme, you could also try backing up the information from past couple of months and then clear the log. Also check if some settings might have been changed and everything is set correctly.

Best regards.

Hi, I don't know know exactly when it occured - I guess some months ago after last update. I haven't changed anything in configuration - it just stopped showing graphs. It is updated on latest version. I have tried re-adding loggers and graphs. Loggers works just fine (I can see all logs including new one through bOS config). Problem is graphs in bOS client for that loggers which simple is not plotting.  

Do you have any ideas how to fix this? If needed I can send you screen shots or config file.


you can send the configuration and i will take a look and try to figure out why this is happening.

You can send the configuration to support@comfortclick.com or david.boben@comfortclick.com