Line break on HTTP Request

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 7 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 6 years ago 1


I'm using Clickatell SMS API, together with Tasks (Httprequest) to send notifications from Comfortclick system. It's working great, but I'm looking forward to use line breaks in sent text.

Clickatell uses %0a as line break. The problem is that %0 is also used as property values on Comfortclick.

Is there another way to use property values beside %x, or use any kind of delimiter?



I've been with the guys from Comfortclick yesterday at Light+Building in Frankfurt, and we talked about this.

They gave me a tip, and it actually worked.

As the line break in Clickatell service is %0a which actually conflicts with the %0 reference pointers on bOS, the workaround is to create a String value with the value %0a and use it as %0 pointer, so it actually sends the unicode %0a in the Clickatell text and the service gets it as a new line.

Thanks for the tip guys.

Best regards