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PIN code for locking operation

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 7 years ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated 7 years ago 2


I've found a minor bug with the function "PIN code for locking the access to function" on controls.


My first theme panel is Home. And I also have a separated panel group, called Zones, and inside that panel group I have my house compartiments.

On the first it's Hallway. On the third it's Living room.

In each of this panels, I have certain controls where I've set a PIN code for locking the access to function of those controls for testing (e.g. hallway light and living room light).

When entering Zones panel, it goes to the last panel I've used (Living room). So far so good.

In Living room panel, I touch the PIN code protected living room light. It asks for PIN code. I decide not to enter the code, and press the upper right cross. It goes back to my Home panel. Strange...

Let's say that I enter again on Zones, it goes to Living room. Then I press to go to Hallway, where I touch the PIN code protected hallway light. I press the upper right cross of the PIN panel, it goes back to the Living room panel. Strange... Either way, while I was sent back to the Living room panel, if I try to do the same on the living room light, then I'm sent back to the Home panel as previously stated.

So basically, exiting the PIN code panel, doesn't save the last panel visited.

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thank you for reporting this, we've tested this with multiple devices and different OS and couldn't recreate this issue, every time we use the X to close the PIN it returns to previously opened panel.

Which device are you using? Windows, iOS, android? Which version?

You could also send us this configuration so we can take a look what seems to be the problem, you can send it to: support@comfortclick.com. We will also do additional testing and try to resolve this.

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Using Comfortclick server 4.3.6

The behaviour shows in Windows client (Windows 10), Android client (Android 5.0), and iOS client (iOS 9.3.5). In every device I'm running the latest version of Comfortclick client.

Configuration and small vídeo sent to your email.

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