What i'm doing wrong?

Alexandru Dumbravă 2 months ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated 2 months ago 14

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Hello. So, i'm trying to connect a Shelly 2.5 in relay mode (2 channels). I want to control channels, which works fine, to get the Switch value (if the switch it's on or off) and to find out the consumption on any channel. (in case one switch it's on, but the consumption is 0, it's means there's a problem, and i want to message the client that the lamp it's broken). I can see in subscription de actual value, in all my necessary, but i really don't know how to put the value from subscriber, into the parser. (ex: The instant consumption from the led bulb, from subscriber, into consumption panel value) . I'm a MQTT beginner, don't really know how it's works, but i try to do my best. 

Thank you very much!


Easy way to find out the json path is to copy its response data(Last message under values tab) value to https://jsonpathfinder.com/ copy the path after x and paste it into bOS parser. I think its .power


I used MQTT explorer, which show me live what actions i do in the app and what is my token name (path). just tried .power , 1/power, power. i think maybe the problem it's on publish. Thank you.

I'm not sure why you are trying to publish values back to it? If you are trying to read out info then it should be under the subscription only. Can you paste the Last message value that you get for the power under the subscription?

that's what i'm trying. i'm don't want to send it back to shelly, i want to see the parsers in the panel, but i only can see it subscriber last message.

If i use only subscriber to see the value, the value is text value, and i can't control nothing with it

I dont have the same model to test with. But you could also try to get the last message as a string:

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For Shelly HT battery values - i'm subscribing to /status/devicepower:0
With the last message info: {"id": 0,"battery":{"V":5.15, "percent":57},"external":{"present":false}}

Battery voltages token name will be then:

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it's worked to make the value as a string in variables. not as parser. also, i can see the input in that way, as a string type. But i can't do nothing with those informations, because they ar just text. it's any way to convert string type to double or bolean in comfort click? Thank you!

What if you sub to only /relay/1 leave the power out for now in sub token. Then you should get a json string as the last message not just the value for power. Then try to find the correct path for the power value.

theoretically, the token name is " .meters[1].power ". but i still can't see the value in the perser

Can you show the MQTT explorers topic info too. Did you try to change the topic to get more info out of? 

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I don't really know how to change the topic

For the subscription topic put /relay/1 without the /power and look if you get all the values(command, power and energy) for that topic.

still not. i made a ticket on comfort click support, maybe i will solve the problem. i will come back with the result. Thank you!