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bOS Alert messages and calendar schedules

Marco Antonio Fernandes 6 months ago in bOS Configurator updated by ComfortClick Support 6 months ago 3

Good afternoon,

We have a client demand and would need help regarding the possibility of implementation and whether we would necessarily need a license per user. Below is an outline of the implementations to be made for the evolution of the existing project/system. Attached is an idea of ​​the concepts.Informative concepts

Under review

Hello Marco,

regarding the notifications, you can choose between standard email or SMS, you can also send a push notification, which will be shown as a pop up on the phone.

You can also chose, who will receive the notification (you can individually select each user or send the notification to everyone).

Currently schedule creating and editing can be done by anyone that has Client access to the configuration and can change the settings of the schedule.

You can of course, hide or lock the schedule for each user if needed.

Best regards.


Regarding notifications, when talking about the possibility of

choose [individually], select each User, therefore, each User must have an exclusive license so that all information can be configured in their account, such as email address, cell phone number, etc. Is correct? With just one User license, is it possible to configure multiple destinations [regarding notifications]?

Regarding the agenda and notes, can anyone [Client] have access and change/choose a date on the calendar?


Hello Marco,

that is correct. If you want different clients or people in the building to receive different notifications, you need to have a separate user with their contact information(parents and children in the house, you would then have 2 users, 1 would be parents, 1 children receiving different notifications).

Regarding changing the date on the schedule  = if they have the client access and can open the schedule task, they can change the date.

You can however, hide specific panels between different users, or even lock functions (edit schedule) with a password.

Best regards.