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Satel status value of partition shows numeric values (index) instead of text statuses. Can you provide list of number statuses corresponding to text statuses and/or better change this function in bOS?


Do you know what those numbers correspond as text result?

If yes, you can use for example a "Mode" node, and edit the collection, and attribute a text for each number. I use that very often for other purposes, and it works.

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i have done the integration satel with comfortclick server, but i have 2 partitions. Ground Floor and First Floor. When i armed the alarm from comfortclick armed only the ground floor partition because from satel keypads when i want to arm the system must to write the password and # and later choose Arm All or Alarm Selected and # and 1. please find attach the video maybe you can help me.


You forgot to attach the video.

May I ask how are you integrating Satel on bOS?

As far as I know, bOS allows to fully integrate the partitions separately, according to the description of the integration. I'm not expert with Satel, but I've added the integration for Satel and I can add partitions and it shows the functions for each partition.

Satel - Smart Home Building Automation Software - ComfortClick bOS

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