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I use a modem Router LTE in my LAN to be connected to Internet and to make and receive mobile calls with my smartphone.

I would like to integrate it to my Grinder Black and use it like a GSM Modem, but I haven´t any COM port to configure. How I could do it? 



What's the type of usage you'd want? Use the LTE router to trigger calls / sms from bOS?

There's a big chance that it won't be possible, unless it has:

  • A "COM" port that allows to use the device with AT commands etc
  • A usable API

If the router is from an ISP, the chance that it might be a closed device is huge, most of the features are stripped away or just hidden.

You can share your brand and model of the router, but honestly I think that it may not be possible, it will depend on the device.

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Muchas gracias Ricardo por tu rápida respuesta:

The router I use is a modern Fritz!Box 6890 LTE with a lot of interfaces.

Image 4667

Yes, the usage is that you have said:

Use the LTE router to trigger calls / sms from bOS, and also make and receive call phones using analog or DECT telephony.

I have read on this website that there is a solution with a OSTENT GSM Modem, but it has fewer resources than my router.

If it is not necessary, I would not want to buy another device and use a duplicated SIM with an additional monthly cost.

Thanks a lot.