Sensordaten to SQL-DB

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Hey there, i have a comfort Click Server and in my knx gira Panel Buttons are Temperaturen Sensors included. I can view These Temperaturen in my comfort click Client and would like to Store These values in a Database (e.g. MySQL). I am pretty much at the beginning. Has anyone done this before and likes to share his experience. BTW, i have a synology NAS running in my Network. I don‘t yet know if it makes sense to have the DB Running there.

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Dear Jürgen, thanks for your quick response and the link.

The tutorial worked quirte well and the measured Temperature values are stored in a table of the anlog log. I drag&droped the Anlog log, to a Theme and was able to select the Analog log as a object. But the values aren't plottet in the graph in the bos client. Any idea, what the reason could be?


Are you sure you have the Analog Log filled with values? Shows us the node.

For what I can see, your graph shows 0ºC in every value (Avg, Max and Current).

At first, I thought that it could be some error because of the colors. But I've changed one of my graphs for green background, and changed the bars to black just like yours, and it's working.

Show us your Analog Log node, to check if something's wrong.

Image 4649

Image 4651

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