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Our property comes with floor heating and cooling.

For that to function right every spring and fall we need to switch valves to have the right source of heating/cooling water.

I've tried to setup a straigt forward schedule, but I can't find a way to have the schedule switch the valves on a certain date every year. Also I can't seem to find a way for scheduling an event every 6 months.

My work around for now is a 'Program' which runs every day at a certain time to check if it's a certain month and a certain day before switchin the valves.

Would it be an idea to make Schedules have a reoccuring event every n months on a certain day and time?

Would be great!




You have the option "Once", on the schedules, and you can then choose the specific day month and year.

I know it doesn't allow to choose that option and say to repeat it annually for example. But at least that's something. You'll have to create several if you want to set and forget for some years. But at least you have the option to execute something on a specific date.

But yes, it would be great to have some more choices for the schedules.


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Thanks for your reply and your suggestions.

There's a few work arounds, hopefully the idea of having more easy options in the Schedule makes its way to a developer's wishlist. :) 


I guess the team is totally focused on the new bOS 5 version, which is being written from the ground up.

I believe that the existing functions will get improved on the newer version. I understand that this is just a workaround, but at least that's something we can use until then.

I'm not aware of the timeline, nor the release date, but I'm sure that they're making their best to release the new bOS soon.

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Cool stuff, sounds promising!

Looking forward to the release when the team has done their magic (by working hard😅)!