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I have a commercial medical aesthetic space case

There are 11 rooms with different functions in the medical beauty center

The owner wants to customize the function

Allow each guest to be treated to automatically adjust environmental parameters according to their own preferences, such as lighting and color, temperature and humidity of air conditioners, etc.

And save this data, the next time you come to the store, you can call it out by the service staff


You can use the "Scenes" function, where you can create a different scene for each customer. They are pretty much customizable.

The only question here is regarding what room will the customer use each time it arrives there.

If the customer uses the same room every time it goes there, you can have a scene for each customer, without any problems.

Otherwise, if a customer decides to use another room and decides to use its own scene on a different room, than I can predict some problems (because the circuit addresses for that room are actually completely different from the other). So that's important to know, what's the pretended use case, so we can try to help you with some ideas.

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Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for your assistance

This is an exclusive service for VIP guests

Our system needs to provide an interface to set the usage habits of VIP guests

For example, the temperature of the air conditioner and the illuminance of the light

Different VIP guests may be assigned to different rooms

it's random

want to hear your suggestion

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It's a tough one...

Every circuit has its own fixed group address, so it's really hard to create a scene for a costumer that will use a random room.

In this case, if I would really need this solution, I would probably create a custom web app, or Windows app, whatever, using the ComfortClick API. But this is not quite doable for non-developers.

Nonetheless, I will think of something, using Tasks rather than Scenes, and see if I can come up with anything.

The other members and ComfortClick team are also welcomed to share any ideas.

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If they have staff doing it then yeah use just scenes and make them for every vip and room. Then staff will activate the correct rooms scene.
its a lot of work if there are a lot of devices that need to be updated for each room. 

I've tested the bOS users online/lan status for similar reasons and im not happy with it as it sometimes needs you to log out and in again for it to trigger, but if every room/apartment has a card reader that has a API so you can link it to the room - then if the vip registers itself in a room it would trigger the welcome program/scene.



I've conducted a small concept test according to Jürgen suggestion, and it works. In this example, I've only created three customers and three rooms, but you can escalate.

Problem: it's tricky and boring to do it.

I've create two Mode objects:

  • Customer List (Added Ricardo, Nuno and Sandra)
  • Room Number (Added Room 1, Room 2 and Room 3)

I've created a Scene for each room, for each Customer (So that each scene, has the correct preferences for each room)


  • Ricardo - Scene on Room 1
  • Ricardo - Scene on Room 2
  • Ricardo - Scene on Room 3
  • Nuno  - Scene on Room 3
  • Nuno - Scene on Room 2
  • Nuno - Scene on Room 3
  • Sandra - Scene on Room 1
  • Sandra - Scene on Room 2
  • Sandra - Scene on Room 3

Created a Task, where I check which customer is selected, and what room is selected. 

In each customer scene, I've created their preferences.

Image 4574

So when you choose the customer and room, it executes the pretended scene.

Image 4575

Then I added a simple Panel, where I've placed the Customer list, the Room Number, and the Task run button.

Image 4577

Again, it's tricky and boring to do it.. But it's doable, I've tested here at the office. The good thing is that you only need to do this once for each costumer. As soon as you have a stable list, it's just a matter to choose from the list and fire it up.

Every time you need to add a new customer, you need to add it to the Customer List Mode node, create new scenes for each room for that customer, and edit the Task to add that customer / scenes to run.

Gravação 2023-06-27 121221.mp4

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Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for your assistance
For a test program it fits my needs perfectly
Could you please share your code with me

Looking forward your reply
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Task: VIP Customers Scenes Control.bos

Panel: VIP Panel.bos

You need to change the Customer list and Room numbers inside its collection values (Mode values).

Example: Customer list Mode node > Values tab > Click on the value shown on Unit > Enter on the Descriptions collection and change / add your list;

Same goes for the Room Numbers Mode node.

And you need to change / add the Scenes for each room for each customer. On my example each scene is empty, so you need to populate them.

And don't forget to update the Program task to add those new customers and scenes.

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