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Aqara A100 PRO Door lock integration

Leszek Tomanek 1 year ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated 1 year ago 3


Do anyone has any experience in integrating Aqara A100 PRO Door lock to ComfortClick?

I do not have yet much experience with CC, but Aqara can intgrate over AppleHomeKit or zigbee and I was wondering if there is a chance to integrate it somehow with CC.

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Hello Leszek,

if the integration via HomeKit is possible for the lock, then you should be able to control it via bOS.

We're currently still in the licensing phase, and once everything is certified and working, we'll release a full version of HomeKit with instruction manuals for our users to integrate and control devices via HomeKit.

Best regards.

Hi Leszek,

I have integrated the Zigbee wave device into CC, you can refer to my solution :
- First you need a USB zigbee (I'm using Sonoff )
- If you are running BOS Server on Windows operating system, you can use to install Zigbee2mqtt library to communicate with USB ZigBee.
- After successfully installing zigbee2mqtt, you check the devices that have been supported by zigbee2mqtt.
- Next you use MQTT on BOS sever to communicate with zigbee2mqtt to control the device.

*If you haven't purchased the Aqara door lock, I recommend changing to another( I'm using Yale ).

You can see all the comments in this VIDEO, a lot of people don't buy it, because Aqara's firmware has encrypted communication with zigbee.

Thank you for the answers and recommendations.

I wanted to by Aqara because it has multiple arm/disarm methods like fingerprint or apple watch, and mostly because it looks good. But I will watch the video first.