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Riccardo Magalini 1 year ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 9 months ago 4

Hi all, I would like to use the weather forecast to automate rolling shutters and more but among the selectable items, after inserting the weather task in the theme, I noticed that the item rain or cloudy or sunny or other is not selectable. All other parameters can be selected. It is possible to use parameters like clear sky or similar in some way

Under review

Hello Riccardo,

the only information you can use in your tasks are under Values tab (image below). Not all information from the API can be used to trigger tasks. I can see what i can do regarding the weather API (if we can allow more information from the API to be used in the tasks).

Image 4532

Best regards.

Dear Support,

Have you discuss with your development team implementing addtional details about weather codistions into BOS selectable items. 

In the openweather (your API weather carrier) there is current weather ID and description:


API response:

"weather": [ { "id": 741, "main": "Fog", "description": "fog", "icon": "50n" }

ID, Main and descriptions for your reference:


It would be usefull to set some tasks based on exact weather conditions like raining, snowing, thunderstorm, etc.

Look forward for your response.

Hello Piotr,

thank you for your request. I'll forward the request along to our devs and we'll see what we can do to improve the current weather API integration.

Best regards.

Thank you to PIotr Witkowski and Comfortclick Support for thanks for your interest. If it were possible to work conditionally with the weather ID, you could go to work on building protection and provide a superior service to customers, in many cases, especially in condominiums where it is not possible to install a weather station, even a small one. OpenWeather won't be infallible but it could definitely be a big help