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RGB Color Picker - proposed improvements

Artur S 1 year ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated by ComfortClick Support 1 year ago 1


I have one proposition to improve the color picker addon/function. Now bOS allows us to use four separate values for RGBW channels. Additionally we have no enough possibilities to convert it to different kind of values, required by the other devices/systems. For example - KNX uses only RGB, Yeelight RGB in consolidated decimal format...

I believe that for Comfortclick Team is it very easy and simple to add additional values, to use it alternatively to separate channels. My proposition:

What we have now:

R - decimal 0-255 or 0-100

G - decimal 0-255 or 0-100

B - decimal 0-255 or 0-100

W - decimal 0-255 or 0-100

What is needed:

R - HEX 00-FF

G - HEX 00-FF

B - HEX 00-FF

W - HEX 00-FF

RGB - decimal (R*65536+G*256+B) 0-16777215

RGB - hex 0x00-0xFFFFFF

Do anybody need something else? What do you think about this?

Best Regards,


Under review

Hello Artur,

for this, a hex converted will be needed to convert the values. We are planning on adding additional converters into bOS, for cases like this. They are being developed as we speak and will be released in the future updates.

You will then be able to take an input value and convert it to the value you want.

Best regards, David