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Why get "Cyclical referens detected"

Robert 7 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated by ComfortClick Support 7 years ago 5

I get Cyclical referens detected every time I enable a Program in task.

Some times I get no error. but mostley I get.

NO matter of what I run inside the program, I get the message.

But the program do whats it suppose to do.

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which version of bOS are you using? Getting a Cyclical referense error means there is a loop in your configuration, so double check if every function is set properly and its not calling itself or something similar.


I using version 4.3.4.

I have try diffrent way to not get the the errormessage.

I use the trigger from a knx object.  "xxxxx.Value OnChange"

And I use for example this line of code:


If Device\KNX\xxx\xxx\xxx.value = true

     Device\KNX\xxx\xxx\xxy.value = false


     Device\KNX\xxx\xxx\xxy.value = true

When I check the knxbus I getit to work but I get the error message in comfortclick

This program task shouldn't cause a cyclical reference error, are these devices used anywhere else in the configuration as well? The configuration works despite the cyclical error? Check other program tasks and these device usages as well.

No its not used anywhere else. The message dont come every time.

I also get the message when I try to activate a second program from Another program.


The program called "xxxxx"

I use the trigger from a knx object.  "Tasks\xxxxx.Enabled OnChange"



If Tasks\yyyyy.enabled = false

     Tasks\yyyyy.enabled = true

     Device\KNX\xxx\xxx\yyy.value = true

     Delay: 5 seconds

     Device\KNX\xxx\xxx\yyy.value = false

The program "yyyyy" is similar to the above, but instead:

 If Device\KNX\xxx\xxx\zzz.value = false   

     Device\KNX\xxx\xxx\zzz.value = true

     Delay: 5 seconds

     Device\KNX\xxx\xxx\zzz.value = false

Nothing seems out of ordinary here, it would be best if you could send a backup of the configuration or send us your remote access to our email and we will check why this issue occurs.