using calculation result as input in counter log

Kresimir Marusic 2 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 2 years ago 2

I have an issue when trying to use result from calculation as input in Counter Log.
I have several "Operating Time" loggers which I use to track for how long each floor heating element have been enabled and recalculate that in energy used for floor heating. I use Calculation function to add values from multiple "Operating Time" loggers to add whole floor heating energy consumption in one total value. Issue occurs when I try to use result of Calculation as input in Counter Log. Calculation is working just fine - I have checked it, but when I select that Calculation as input in Counter log, I get "cyclical reference detected" error in bOS Client. As far as I can see Counter Log is working, but I keep getting "cyclical reference detected" error.
Any ideas?

Probably the calculation is updating every second. Try to select Hour or minutes for the counters input.

Hi Jürgen, thank you for this idea. I see your point and it was my thinking also, however this does not help with this issue. I need "consumption" as input (time integral multiplied with constant number) in order to have information regarding consumption. I could use minutes and than make further calculations but it ends up on the same problem. 

Generally I see that bOS have problems with showing and using consumption information which is pity since energy monitoring and management is big issue now days. I have lot of energy management and every time I try to use graphs or any similar representation to show several energy values at same time, bOS either can't handle that and show an error like described above or simple won't load that page in Client app. If only one value/graph is used in simple representation, it works just fine, but when I try to move from "very simple" representation and use several values and calculations than problems occur. 

Does others have similar experiences?