Shelly 3EM 3-phase energy meter integration

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Did anybody have integrated Shelly 3EM to comfortclick?

Thank you.

There are no public templates yet, but it shouldn't be hard to do as it supports MQTT and has its own API. I don't own that device myself so I cant help much more. 

For connecting it to bOS with MQTT you need to change Shelly 3EM's MQTT server address to bOS servers IP. Then you can use MQTT explorer to find out what registers are you interested in, use MQTT explorer or json path finder to get the values. And add them under subscriptions like so:

Image 4277

Dear Jurgen,

Thank you for your support, I would succeed by shelly API. If I enable MQTT, shelly cloud would be disabled so best is using shelly API. 

Image 4306

Shelly cloud iOS app lookalike.

Image 4308

There is a diffrence between shelly panel and ComfortClick panel due to balance added to reflect over-all consumption since the beginning of the month indicated by main power meter.  

next challenge is to make a nice analog log or counter log.