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Login Problem from Iphone

Pavlos Laskas 2 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 7

Hello, We have a problem logging in a software server from the app installed on an iphone 12 in any way (access id or manual). After a restart of the server it logs in from the internal network, using manual configuration, and only for the first time. We have no problem logging in from web browser, android or pc in any way 

We also tried re-adding the profile and removing the device from user's list for a new token, but it didn't make any difference

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do you get any errors when trying to connect or just Error connecting to the server? Do you see any IP's when connecting? If you're on the local network you should see local address, if you're seing a public one, there may be some network settings preventing the connections, but if it works on android/web it should work on client as well.

Is the server updated to the latest version? If not, try updating to the latest version and try connecting again.

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Hello, thanks for the reply. Server is updated, Network settings are correct. I don't see any error, it justs says connecting, without connecting. I left it there for at least 30mins without any result.

Hello Pavlos,

please try and open a support ticket in our system so we can arrange for a remote session or you can share some server information so we can check what's going on.

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Good morning,

I have the same problem. Win client login without problem but can’t log with iOS client. It is all updated and using local network only. iphone is 12mini with new iOS 16. 

Good morning again,

Looks like that apple devices (iphone and ipad in my case) are connecting using IPv6 protocol and while connected can't access bOS server. When I disable DhcpV6 on my cable modem I was able to use bOS client on iOS. Iphone was also with Dhcp on ipv4 but still untill V6 is on client is not reachable.

Hello Andrej,

thank you for providing the additional information, we're looking more into this matter and try to improve the stability.

Best regards.