Email content formatting

Andy Gill 1 year ago in bOS Configurator updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 1 year ago 3

Hi Folks,

Not sure at what version it happened, but when sending out emails from BOS in the current version it loses its formatting, and sends the entire email out in one line. in comparison, it used to be formatted as it was input into the text field of the message box in BOS.

Is there some sort of formatting symbols we need to use now?




I think this happens when you use the internal mail. My email formatting is still correct when I send it with gmail's SMTP account on 4.9.14 server version. 

Hi Jürgen,

I suspect you are right, part of the reason for the change with the server was the google account no longer working and it's a total pain keeping that up and running, so thought I would go with the internal mail and not have to worry about that anymore, I didn't expect the formatting to be different.

I'll wait and see if the BOS team have a solution.



Using gmail isn't that hard. You just need to enable 2FA and make a new APP password in gmail for bOS. That's it.

For me the internal mail has always done that so that why I never use it.