Added LG TV controls

Giordano Olmi 2 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 2 years ago 2

Hello David,

I have a customer who asks me if it is possible to control the red button on the LG remote.

In the current controls I don't find it available.

Another customer asks me if it is possible to call the other apps directly.

Now I can call Netflix directly.

Is there any way to call Now?




These are the function available right now. No red button as of now.

You can also make your own theme from these functions or just add the buttons you need. Netflix launch button is working for me, Apps just need to be installed on the tv otherwise they do nothing. The Youtube launch only works with a link for me and its kind of bugged after that (If you open just youtube.com then its fine and works normally - but if you send it on a song then for me this song gets stuck and breaks the app - no way to go back to main youtube screen). I dont have an Hulu account so i haven't tested it. Amazon prime video is also a button on the remote but missing from bOS functions. 


Thanks for the reply.

The current functions are clear.

Will the missing features be added in the future?

No other features are planned for now?