Direct connection from bOS Config to server

Francois Lesueur 2 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 2 years ago 3


I'm trying to connect bOS configurator directly to the server, i.e. not using the public address. Of course the PC running bOS configurator is on the same LAN than the server. 

In the configurator I create a profile manually, indicating the server IP address. But I'm getting the "Error connecting to server" message. 

An automatic profile with the server name does connect, but it is connecting from the outside (i.e. the PC goes on the Internet to the ComfortClick server public address, which is very slow and creates frequent disconnect).

From the PC, I can connect to the server using Internet Edge : it displays bOS client, and it's working perfectly. So, the PC does see the ComfortClick server IP address. 

From an iPad on the same LAN, a manually created profile with the local IP address is working fine as well. 

So I don't understand why it's not working from bOS configurator. Any ideas ? Anything specific to the configurator that could explain ? I'm using V 4.8.15, and I can't upgrade as I don't want to upgrade my server. 

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I would suggest you make a ticket for this issue. Or make a backup copy of your bOS server folder and update/install the latest bOS 4.9.14. Though I personally did not have any problems with configurator not connecting. We did have problems with Android phones not connecting tho.

This is the answer for our Android clients not connecting to 4.8 or older servers: "We had some complaints where clients couldn't connect via Android, because since some latest android updates, some SSL certificates that are running on some older machines expired and latest version of bOS needed to be installed in order to make the connection work."


Thank you for your quick answer. 

I can't backup the bOS server folder as I'm on Jigsaw (the old Z-Wave version)

Can it be linked to TLS as I got some TLS warning message displayed on the themes in place of the screens. I had to authorize older TLS standards to fix it. But I still can't connect directly. 

Then I think you need to make a ticket. bOS support can check it remotely.
If the external connection works with configurator then try to make a backup with it. 

Old TLS 1.0 may also be the problem as its not supported anymore... To fix the problem temporarily, launch Internet Properties, go to Advanced and select Use TLS 1.0.
And If it then configurator connects try to backup and update jigsaw. As Android is already having problems with bOS 4.8 and older I don't there's a way around it.