Can we ask is device is OK or online?

Oti Dénia 2 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 2 years ago 5

Hello everyone

Is there any possibility to make the Comfort Click check the online status of the elements of the KNX bus?


You can set the device to send the status every x time. Then collect this state in Comfortclick and with a function check if it is alive.

If what you want is to see if knx is available you can see it with Devices\KNX.Connected=True


Most of the recent KNX devices, already support a Heartbeat object, to be able to get the "online" status of the device.

If it's for getting "online" status of feedback objects, I'm afraid that's not 100% accurate. I had several devices that would respond "true", even though the device itself was broken, but the BUS would actually respond to the feedback status requests.

I also have third party devices (gateway between KNX and other language), that when asked they reply a status that's not requested from the third party device actually, but rather the last memory state from the BUS, which might not be 100% accurate.

Check you KNX devices, if they support the Hearbeat object in first place and see if it fits your goals.

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Thanks for the tips

The device, in this case the Jung 2214REGA analog input, does not have Heartbeat and that is why I asked.

The problem I'm having is that in the ETS mode for checking the individual address, many times its answer the device its not located, and sometimes its correctly located.

But then it reissues new values for the group addresses, modifying the last one registered.

If the device doesn't support the heartbeat object, than I'm afraid that you won't be able to check the device "health".

What's the deal? What's connected to that device that makes the device so "precious"? Can you cyclically check it's addresses, rather than using the device heartbeat (which it doesn't have)? Would it work for you?

I'm thinking on something like, cyclically checking the important addresses, and add them some kind of timestamp + boolean to indicate the response was ok. Don't know if it fits... Would have to think if it's doable and how to do it. I've created timestamps to a PV system, so I could check if the response was received correctly or something like that.

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Good tip. Thank you Ricardo.

The analog input is connected to a system bateries 12V and 24V, and this batteries doesnt have charging and health monitor, thats why.

I will try to do something with your advices.