bOS integration with HomeAssistant

Ghita Laurentiu 2 years ago in General updated by Lucas Paz 2 years ago 6


Did anybody tried to integrate bOS in HomeAssistant or inverse?

Last week I managed to link a jigsaw for testing without problems being able to interact with it perfectly. I unlinked it from my user to test with another and I can't link it again. I've tried it with two different accounts and two different devices so I don't know if it was a problem with the connection (Could not reach Comfortclick).The two Jigsaw are visible from the internet so the nat is correct.

If someone with more experience in this matter can corroborate it, I would appreciate it.

Were you able to read the connected devices status from jigsaw? Zwave for example?

I used KNX devices of a model connected to the Jigsaw being able to interact in both directions correctly. As I told you, the error was unlinking that device to try another one because from then on I have not been able to connect to any of them. Hopefully someone with more experience will give us something to help us.

Is there anything special to be made in Home Assistant to include it? Or in Jigsaw? 

I did it following the instructions in this video.
Tell me if you can connect because I still can't connect again since I canceled the first device

Can someone please check that a new link can be made between Google Home and Comfortclick?

I suspect that it is no longer my problem since I have tried it from several Google users to several Comfortclick doing the same procedure with which I linked the first time but with negative results