Two different networks on one ComfortClick server

Grzegorz Kulinski 2 years ago in General updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 2 years ago 1

Good day.

Is it possible to use a second network card in the ComfortClick server for communication with an additional KNX router? I’m supposed to control 4 villas. Each will have a separate network. But each villa must have access to additional IP router that will support external lighting (common garden for all villas).


Grzegorz Kulinski


I've done that several years ago with a different scenario, but I had to use networking skills to do that. I think that the principle would be the same, but my advise is to test it out first.

I've used static routes.

Basically, the server (in this case it was a VoIP server, but for the sake of the example it should work the same) was on the security office of the villas;

Each house had it's own internet, and all of them had the same gateway (same ISP, same router).

So in each house, I had to install a third-party router, to enable network separation between the common network and each house's network. Then I had to create a static route in each ISP router, to enable the routing between ranges.

In this case, the common shared network was on 192.168.100.x range, and each house was running on 192.168.1.x range.

The shared network didn't had any internet or router, just a plain dumb network switch with all the equipments set to static IP addresses.

Can't tell if there's a way to do that with just the KNX IP routers. I had to use different routers, and static routes. It was like 10 years ago.

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