Syntax of a function RPC call

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I want to use RPC to trigger a function. 

I've seen a POST data example that you suggested on a document : 


I want to run a RunFromClient() of a program : so, there are no parameter / value to send in the function. 

I've tried {"objectName":"Tasks\\beds24\\THStartHeating","functionName":"RunFromClient()","value":"true"} but it's not working. Could you confirm the syntax when there are no value to send within the function ? 

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Hello Francois,

there is a small deserialization issue when converting the string on our side and we've already fixed it. You can expect a fix with the next beta/stable release.

In the meantine, you can use RPC and send commands, but instead of sending them directly to the user, You can create a Message task and simply run that task, that will send the alert to the user, image attached.

Hope this helps!

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Hi David, 

Thank you for your quick answer. 

What is the syntax to run the message task from RPC ? 

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Hello Francois,

I attached the image of the http program task that uses RPC for communication. You can use on the same server or other servers that have RPC enabled. Just fill out the server info under http task. You can follow along with the tutorial video:


Best regards, David

Hello Francois,

If it helps: RunFromClient() from an RPC call, is exactly the same syntax as for calling a scene, simply just the Run function.

Instead of using:


Simply use:


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Hello Ricardo, 

How are you doing ?

Thank you for the syntax. The simplest things are sometimes difficult to find :-)

It's working great. 

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Hello Francois, my coffee friend in Porto! I'm fine thanks, and you?

Not everything is documented on the RPC, but it's a matter of searching and testing.

The options are not that much, so by association I usually get there.

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