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Doctore Esparta 2 years ago in bOS Server updated by Maximilian Rauch 2 years ago 3

Good morning.

I have a project for the lighting of the common areas of a commercial gallery. Depending on the day (Working, Holiday, Holiday with opening, Half day opening, etc) I have up to 7 different possibilities of executing the function.

The question is. Do you know of any way to be able to establish a calendar in a Grinder at least one month in advance where you can assign what type of function corresponds to that day and autonomously execute the function assigned to that day?

Could it be even being able to read some external file?

I would appreciate an example that you have implemented.

Greetings to everyone.


i did an example how to integrate an iCal calendar with the help of node red. This example provides all events from the next day's. I did it to bring the information to the Visu but you can maybe use it to trigger some events.


i hope it will help you.

best regards


Thank you very much Max. I'll try it to see if it's what I need

Hi I hope you ware able too use my example to develop a solution for your problem.