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login error

Francois Lesueur 2 years ago in bOS Server updated 1 year ago 4


I'm getting a "Login error. Please verify your username and password" on my server which I was able to access yesterday. 

I tried with 2 different users, and I tried from bOS client and from bOS configurator : same result. 

Of course, I haven't modified any user name / password. 

Any ideas where that could come from ? 

I don't currently have access to the server, Grinder, as I'm not on site.  I was wondering whether this could come from Windows as I know sometimes it's doing weird updates ? 

I don't have any issues on my other servers, Linux based (Jigsaws)



Under review

Hello François,

i'd suggest opening a ticket on our ticketing system, where we can exchange server info and do some remote access and resolve the issue privately.

Best regards.

Thank you for your quick answer. I've raised a ticket. 

Hello Francois,

Is your problem solved? I'm getting the same login error.

Best regards.

Hello Dieter, 

Yes, it's fixed. But that was tough : for some reasons, the configuration reset itself : all the code vanished. I had to restore the last backup, which of course wasn't the very last configuration. So, I lost a bit of work, and I now back up the configuration after any modification, even the smallest one !

Never had any explanations as to why it reset itself. It can be a big problem when I'm not onsite. 

Best regards,