Mail when public IP change

Jose Jiménez 2 years ago in General updated by Oti Dénia 2 years ago 4

Hi everyone,

i would like to know if it's possible to receive a mail when the public IP of my installation changes.

Thank you 


I would recomend noip.com if you have a windows server on site and no way to get a static ip - This will then update it so you wont need to reconfigure the public ip if it changes.

From bOS you can make a http driver and use a program for it. I made a demo for you: It polls the public IP from https://api.ipify.org and If it changes it should send the Users devices an email with the new IP and date. Local-Http Public IP has changed.bos

I forgot to set it to cyclically read. Under the command settings set Send Cyclically to true.

Thank you very much. Jurgen.

at least we can be notified when the ip changes.

and with this other post it is explained how to configure the email service with gmail https://support.comfortclick.com/en/communities/4/topics/6145-smtp-email-not-working