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Access id does not resolve

Bros Knx 2 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 2 years ago 2

Hello everyone.

Unfortunately I have clients that due to server hardware reasons cannot upgrade beyond version 4.8.20. For this I have to use older configurators every time I need to make a change in these servers.

The problem I have is that when I give the Access ID corresponding to this server, the application does not resolve it and returns the Access ID not found message.

Image 3861

However when using versions later than 4.8.20 I have no problem creating the connection.

I also have no problems with the App Client.

Has access to older versions been restricted to the way of creating connections with the Access ID as it has been done until now?

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Hello Bros,

unfortunately for some servers with older or different version of bOS (in many cases it is 4.5.18 server version) AccessID shows as not found, but you can try and use manual configuration (direct IP) which should be working normally.

Is this a Jigsaw server of a windows machine?

Best regards.

No. These are two Grinder servers updated to version 4.8.20 and I have always been able to resolve Access IDs without problems. However, if I already use a PC with a configurator version greater than 4.8.20, there is no problem for it to resolve the Access ID.

In the end it's about the hassle that every time you go to configure something, the ISP has changed the public IP address and you have to reconfigure the connection.