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Android "back" button logs out

Maciej Kapica 10 months ago in bOS Client updated by Joachim 10 months ago 4


Our customer (Android user) complains, that android "back" button doesn't go back in the visualisation but wants to log user out of BoS.

Do you have any workaroud this issue? Is it possibe to make a button in th bottom menu with "back" function (instead of this located on the top?)

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Under review

Hello Maciej,

this button you have sent me picture should not log out user from bOS Client. It logs you out if you press the "Android back button" (see the image attached) but if you press on back button in bOS Client it should lead you back through bOS Client. You can ask your client to make a screen recording video on his Android device. You can open a support ticket in our ticketing system to avoid showing configuration on public forum.

Best regards

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Yes, you're right. It works as you wrote. Maybe my explanation was not accurate enough. But that's the problem, 'android back button' wants to log out and this is annoying. Client wants 'android back button' to have the same function as the 'Bos back button' in the top left-hand corner of the screen or at least put another back button in the bottom menu line. We miss (or we don't know where is it) 'bos navigation back' function available for us to use one the visualisation.

Hello Maciej,

when we get multiple requests than we usually implement the feature that clients suggest but for now we did not receive any similar request. For now your client can go under settings in bOS Client and select Fullscreen mode. On this way the Android navigation buttons will be hidden. He can navigate with back button in bOS on the top left corner, he can also switch between Panels on the bottom (see the image attached).

Best regards

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Totally agree regarding the current android "back" functionality. Should move to the previous screen, not straight to logout. Been annoyed with that for years now trying to use the "back swipe" in the app.