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bOS Configurator - cyclical configuration downloading

Grzegorz Kulinski 2 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 2 years ago 5

Hello everyone.

I have editing problems on some of my systems (all work on Grinder Black devices). The effect visible in the attached movie appears very often - when navigating through the edited configuration, the configuration file is reloaded (it doesn't matter whether it is the "General", "Devices", "Tasks" or "Themes" tab).

bOS Configurator-cyclical configuration dow....mp4

It happens veeeery often, making work completely impossible :(

Problematic servers are running on version 4.8.20 and I suspected that this problem could be related to it. Today I did a test: on one of the servers I made the necessary updates in Windows (.NET framework etc.), then I updated Grinder Black to the latest version 4.9.10. Unfortunately, the symptoms have not resolved.

Has anyone had similar problems? If yes, where can I look for the cause? It is strange that some systems behave stably during editing and some download configuration very often.

I did this test in a simple network in my apartment: Grinder Black connected to the switch via LAN, my computer connected via wifi to the access point (I'm using a Mac under Parallels Desktop).

Any suggestions? :)

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Hello Grzegorz,

does this occur on multiple servers or just your own? Would it be possible to send the current backup of the configuration to support@comfortclick.com so we can take a look?

Best regards, David

Hello David,

Sorry for delay, I finally have a moment to prepare configuration file. I first noticed these problems when I used the Sledgehammer server. After completing this project, I used the configuration file as the basis for my next project on Grinder Black (I have a large set of my own graphics and templates).

I sent the prepared configuration file by e-mail.
I deleted most of main program, just left a simple fragment, but reloading configuration still happens (movie). The interesting thing is that after running the configuration on my computer as a server (even the full version), I didn't experience any reloading problems. As soon as I upload the same configuration to Grinder Black, problems begin.

Best regards,



I've been dealing with this too. Updating the server to the latest versrion made it happen mor often. This happens mostly on remote configuration.

Best regards.


thank you for sending over the configuration. Unfortunately we weren't able to recreate the issue here with our Grinder black and also on our Jigsaw. The configuration works perfectly and doesn't restart at any point. 

If you use the configurator normally, opening nodes and configuring your device, does it restart then as well? As Noel mentioned, this issue may occur if you're using remote connection and the internet is slow. Then if the configurator doesn't receive a response within the certain period, the configurator restarts.

It's strang to see this hapenning there in local connection as well.

Did you try starting a new configuration just to check if it restarts? You can then try and restore the backup back.

Best regards.


A moment ago I used the default configuration and I restarted the bOS configurator a few times. Of course, with a smaller file, restarts appear less often (on the prepared test version, it took me dozen/several dozen seconds; the full program is much larger and there are restarts very often, even when I don't try to force it).

My local network is not very fast, but if it is possible to watch UHD movies on Netflix, it should probably be enough for programming as well ;). The customer's wifi network is faster but the problem also persists.

I wonder if the network devices are not the cause? In both cases, they are UniFi devices.

Best regards,