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System version

Kristián Vojčík 2 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 1


Recently I update system version on few Jigsaw found in Building -> System Update ->.
First thing: I really like progres bar and I hope it is gonna stay.
Second thing: Can somebody please explain to me what that update means and what it changes and why some Jigsaw can be updated from v2 to v3 some stay at v1 and some at v0?

Thanks for replies.

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Hello Kristian,

some older Jigsaws have older hardware so the system version is v1 or older. Our bOS software requires additional operating system updates and updated services to make everything work. It's very similar to windows updates or some apps on your devices that requires operating system updates to make everything work. Libraries are updated, newer versions of operating system installed which insure everything is in sync and working with our newer versions of bOS.

Hope this helps!

Best regards, David