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Cyclical Reference Detected

Andy Gill 7 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Rait Lotamõis 7 years ago 5


I keep getting a cyclical reference detected when I try display values in a theme? I'm trying to show meter readings in a screen they are simply a Double value.

Any help appreciated.

Under review


which values do you want to show (KNX datapoints, z-wave, modbus)? Do you have any tasks related to that?


Hi There,

They come from a Http Json command, and they are also linked to a counter log.

But I also have the same issue with a Modbus to double value as well.


Could you send the configuration to support@comfortclick.com and we'll try to fix the issue.


FYI, The issue with the modbus Cyclical references is on a different server though.

I'm getting this on two different servers as well. On one I'm seeing this happen for Http commands and on another for two Fibaro Z-wave relays.