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Is it possible to connect 2 communication standards at the same time: Bacnet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP on bOS?

nguyen nguyen 2 years ago in General updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 1

Hi Ad,
Currently I am connecting Bos to device A via Modbus TCP.

Now that same bOS, I want to simultaneously connect device A through TCP/IP modbus and connect to device B through BacNet IP?

Please give me solution about this configuration, is this possible? and can you give me an example of this.

Thanks & Best Regards.

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Hello Nguyen,

that is the idea of the configurator and the ability to connect all supported devices and have communication between them.

No matter the device you have in the building, if we have a native driver for it, you can simply select your Devices, click Add, select the device, fill out the connection settings and you should be able to connect to that specific device.

If you have in the building all (KNX, z-wave, modbus, bacnet...) you can add all these devices in your configuration, connect and control them.

Of course, you can then use our tasks to communicate between all these devices. Most common is our program task, where you can use its functions to receive/send data between all devices.

Best regards, David