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Move bOS server to new hardware

Frank Nilsen 2 years ago in bOS Server updated 2 years ago 2

I have a ComfortClick bOS server installation running on a Windows Virtual Machine and need to move it to a new machine/Windows installation. 
Is there any step by step guide of how to do this? Or can you give me some hint and tips before starting?

1. Take backup of existing installation (4.8.20)

2. Install bOS server v 4.9.6 on new Windows machine 
3. Import backup from old installation to new
4. License?

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Hello Frank,

you're mostly right regarding the configuration migration.

Make sure you make a backup, since the current backup is 4.8.20, i'd suggest installing the same version on your new machine, restore the backup and then update.

Restoring older configuration to the new version may cause some issues, so its best to be safe.

If the virtual machine is running on the same hardware as your new windows machine, then you might be able to migrate the license as well.

When transferring to new license, try to stop the current bOS service monitor, go to your bOS server installation folder and copy License.bin file. Transfer it to the new windows machine and start the bOS Service monitor, if the hardware is the same, the license should be valid.

If you'd require additional assistance, try opening a ticket in our ticketing system and we'll help you out.

Best regards, David

This worked out fine! (had to create a ticket to update machine ID)