restore configuration after crash

Daniel Dellham 8 years ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 8 years ago 3

Is there any way to restore a configuration that has been lost/corrupted during a server crash? Unfortunately the last backup file is two month old, and a lot of configurations has been done since than...

I can not log in with the old user details, and when logging in with User/Pass it´s a clean new configuration.

And can you do a automatic backup of the configuration file (going forward)? Will it work to let windows or other backup program just copy the building/configuration.bin file regularly while the server is running?

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unfortunately at this point, you can only restore the two months old configuration, since the current one has been lost/corrupted.

Only copying the Building file while the server is running to create a backup Building file will work. Any third party program, or windows backup will also work ok, while the server is running. Always make sure to make a backup in your bOS Configurator before doing any configuration and keep your server up to date.


Ok, as I suspected. Will do more backups from now on!

Thanks for quick reply!