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"Visualization name" and "Scene"/"Schedule" options

Noel Fuentes 2 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 2 years ago 4


I'd like to propose a couple of features for future releases. I've searched for them in case someone had proposed them but I found nothing about that. Here they are:

1. I think it would be nice if every node (for example a light) had a "Visualization name" field. So, let's say we have that item on several pages, scenes and schedules and we need to change its name. Instead of changing the name on every page, scene and schedule, we only had to do it on just one place, on the "Visualization name". Automatically the name would change on every page, scene and schedule we had created.

2. I think it woud be nice too if end users can create their own schedules and scenes instead of us (integrators) doing it. For this purpose, maybe every node could have a "Schedule" or "Scene" check box, so we let the end user to add this item to their own schedules/scenes.

Thank you very much.

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The No. 1 is well thought. Indeed there are times where we need to change the name of a certain object, and we totally forget to run all the visualization to see if we didn't forget any.

As for No. 2, probably the scenes and schedules can be improved in future releases. We don't know details yet about the bOS5, so hopefully those will get any improvement. As for now, when asked, I create scenes with generic names, with all the necessary controls inside, and let the costumer change/add which devices to run on those scenes. The cons is that the list of controls might be huge and boring to change. So I agree on that idea too.

Thanks for the ideas.

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Hello Ricardo,

I do create generic scenes with all the controls aswell. But, as you mentioned, the item list on that scenes might be very large and annoying to work with.

Another idea could be that the scenes created by end users could be used on schedules too.

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Under review

Hello Noel and Ricardo,

both proposes are going to be possible in our long awaited bOS5. Can't say to which degree, but many, many quality of life improvements are implemented into our next version.

Still no ETA on the release date, but we're working hard to polish and release it :)

Best regards, David

Great news. We're looking forward to it!

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