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Time Server

Giordano Olmi 8 years ago in bOS Server updated 8 years ago 2

Hello, I contact you because I can not use the Time Server properly.

Imposed the correct Time Zone, but the server does not display the correct time.
It remains unaligned -2 hours.
I tried to set another time server but it is not allowed.
Remains stored in Time Default Server (time.windows.com).

If possible I would also use the server to send the update of the date and time on BAS KNX.
How can it be done?



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try changing the time zone in your OS(change Time/Date). The time zone in configurator is based on your windows OS. It also depends on which device are you checking, mobile devices could also show different time.


Thanks for the reply.

Excuse my mistake had not set the correct time on the Windows operating system.
Now I view the correct time

I would like to send cyclically date and time on BAS KNX.
I would utilizzari standard objects in 3-byte KNX.
That I need to update KNX equipment using Date and Time
How can I do?