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Patrick Van Cauwenberghe 2 years ago in General updated by Maximilian Rauch 2 years ago 4


I would like to create a pulse button like a MouseDownButton but for only 1 second, not more, even if i keep the button pressed.

During this 1 second, i would like to block another button ...

These 2 button could never be activated in the same time.

Any idea ?

thanks a lot for your help

Thanks a lot Jürgen, it's working fine for the pulse

i did not try to block the second button yet, but i'm not sure it will work correctly.

with the second "if", when releasing the first buton, it will activate the second one, noABPM ?

Well you said that they could never be active at the same time. This is what it does. If one is active it will turn off the other etc. Otherwise this wouldnt work, last If command does this. 

Hi the last if comand force the btton B to True.
As i understued A and B can not be true in the same moment but false is Ok.

A | B

1 | 0  -> OK

1 | 1  -> Not OK

0 | 1  -> OK

0 | 0  -> OK

if you do not use the second "If" it should work.

The second problem is that the Task is not really blocking the second button. The task setts the second Button to false but after this you can switch it to true again. Within the 1 sec it is my be not realistic but possible.

If you use the Run function of the task as a trigger and a separated Output variable you can disable the second task so it will not be activated.

Next problem is that in my Client (Android) the button triggers the action on release. So if you want to trigger an action with the press not the release of the button i am not sure if this is possible from the bOSS Client.

Best regards Max