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Henrique Branco 2 years ago in General updated by Maximilian Rauch 2 years ago 4


It´s possible to define a setting that after x minutes/seconds of inactivity, automatically goes to a page ?

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You can use Show panel function and a program for that. But you need to make panels that it switches. It can't switch pages on the main page - like if you had 5 control panels on one page it cant scroll through them.

Hi Jürgen Jürgenson,

how you define the inactivity?

I can not find an function that is calld on a picture change??

I don't think you can define inactivity but it can work with a delay/timer. I use this for Ventilation filter change reminder. If its time to change out the old filter it will take the user on another page. 
Show panel function is under users. 

ah OK that is clear, 

the main question is how to recognize activity on the client.

with out this information it is only possible to switch back to the default Page by a fix timer or with an external trigger.

thx Max