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Problems after 4.9 update.

DIMITRIS GIOUSIS 3 years ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 3

Hello everybody. 
I am having some issues after update the bOS server to 4.9 version. For example I can’t connect remotely for programming from Ets the KNX.  Also some buttons doesn’t responses at all. They take feedback values on or percentages values  in visualisation that aren’t existing and they don’t go to off. I had some KNX disconnections and I assumed that I had to change the KNX connection from IP KNX to jigsaw but some buttons steel aren’t working. 
Thank you. 

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Hello Dimitris,

in order to program your devices in ETS trough Jigsaw, you need to enable KNX server in the Jigsaw node under your General (see image attached).

Regarding unresponsive buttons, can you provide more info regarding that? KNX settings and function should function normally as before.

Best regards,jigsaw_servr.JPG

Hello. I have done this setting but I had no result for remote connection from Ets. Do I have to set KNX connection with jigsaw or with KNX IP. That is a question I don’t know. I am trying to sent you a video with some buttons that in present status are off and you will see what happens when I am trying to increase or turn off the light but I can’t from this form. Can I sent it to you with an email? 
Best regards. 

Hello Dimitris,

For remote ETS programming TCP port needs to be forwrded now as well (not just UDP like in the past).

Also make sure KNX server is enabled in bOS (Building-Genera-Jigsaw, there should be the KNX server setting)

If you have any other issues you can send them trough email, or even better: open a ticket in our ticketing system.

Best regards,