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Update to 4.9.1 not working

Gruyère Energie SA 3 years ago in bOS Server updated 3 years ago 2


How many time during the update to the last version 4.9.1 ?

The bos configurator and client cannot connect to the server after 20 minutes that I have launched the update.

I can connect to windows with remote desktop.

I restart de bosService monitor but the new version is not installed.

I try to update windows and restart the entire server (windows restart) but the new version is not installed.
 .net 4.8 but is alredy installed.

Any idea about this issue ?

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if you're facing issues updating to the latest 4.9.1 via configurator, we advise you to try and go to our website and download the latest version directly from the page.
Direct link:

download the application and install it on your machine and check if you managed to update it.

Best regards, David