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GUI glich bOS Configurator 4.9.0

Pascal Platteel 2 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 2 years ago 5

Small glitch in bOS Configurator in the Value TAB. You can see the values from the Settings TAB. This occures throughout the program. 

Occures in Windows 11 and Server 2022. 

Image 3521

Image 3522

Hello Pascal,

is the group address visible just for a split second or does is it visible all the time when values tab is selected?

Best regards, David

The value is visible all the time.

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Hello Pascal,

thank you for reporting the issue. Could you please send us backup of your configuration to our support e-mail: support@comfortclick.com .

Have a nice weekend, David

I have send you a onedrive link to the backup of the configuration.

The glich stil occurs in 4.9.1. It is easily reproducible. Just hit F3 on the building level and quickly scroll down using the sliderbar on the right. I can reproduce it on multiple devices. 

These glitches do not occur in remote desktop sessions.