Analog Log - BOS calculated values seem weird

Paul G 3 years ago in bOS Configurator 0


A very simple KNX device sending a value every 20 secs, is put into an analog to pain a curve, however, BOS does not seem to calculate properly the values, e.g. Mx value written to database today  is 7.79 (as per screenshot), however, the calculated value "Day max" is shown as 4.0 (as per screenshot). When the graph is painted on a screen the situation is further funnier, as max values painted doe not correspond when jugglign between the Hour, Hour, Month views (i.e. if the hour max value within the running month is 4, the month max value withint the running month is lower than that)

Any thoughts?

Data on the database of the analog log 

Image 3500

Calculated values by BOS

Image 3499