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Human centric lighting

DiLight-Smart Solution Ltd DiL 3 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Sven Aendekerk 3 years ago 2

does anybody has an experience with this feature?

i have the feeling that there is a mistake with the Output[K] that should be integer and not a double. the color temperature parameter is 2 bytes 7.600. 

if anyone can help with that great. 

Under review


all examples published can be tweaked as you want them. If you require the Output[K] value to be an integer, you can simply remove the current Double variable, add in integer, use the same name (so tasks re-link) and link the integer to your KNX device.

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Hello Dilight-Smart Solution.

Do you know more in the mean time about your question?

beceause i don't understand the solution?

I want to connect a 232.600 Colour RGB object to the Human Centric Lighting...